Agile Quality Mentoring Board

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About AQMB

AQMB is an organisation that provides professional certifications backed up with necessary training sessions in the area of Test-Driven Development.

AQMB (Agile Quality Mentoring Board) concept was born around 2012 when its founders realised the lack of Test-Driven Development certifications and quality, unified trainings on the market.

AQMB (Agile Quality Mentoring Board) was officially founded in 2016.

AQMB' mission is to fulfill a promise that the developers in an organisation are going to deliver code with better quality as TDD cuts down the time of debugging and lets people better understand requirements of the software they are writing.

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Help Test-Driven Development (TDD) grow

AQMB (Agile Quality Mentoring Board) have developed own, unique training offer that trainers and training companies all over the world can implement. AQMB is a global initiative; we would like to reach out to every community that is involved with Test-Driven Development expansion.

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