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AQMB TDD Foundation is the world's first Test-Driven Development certification scheme.

AQMB TDD Foundation

Entry requirements

Basic programming knowledge in at least one object-oriented languages (Java, C#, C++, etc.)

Learning objectives

These are the learning objectives for AQMB TDD Foundation level:

  • improve the quality of own source code,
  • create the code that has high level of defect resistance,
  • learn methods of software development driven by unit (along with integration and acceptance) tests,
  • develop teamwork capabilities.

Acquired knowledge

AQMB TDD Foundation Certified Developer:

  • understands agile software development principles,
  • understands benefits of Test-Driven Development process,
  • understands and resolves challenges and difficulties of Test-Driven Development technique,
  • understands business rationale and the Return of Investment of Test-Driven Development,
  • understands the practical basic and intermediate techniques of TDD,
  • creates unit tests that drives toward the good Object-Oriented Design,
  • understand and comprehends SOLID principles,
  • knows right and wrong practices of writing unit tests,
  • knows testing and mocking techniques,
  • has software development experience with other participants,
  • knows the tool required for writing unit tests and mocks,
  • finds out what Code Coverage is and how to use it wisely,
  • finds out what Continuous Integration is,
  • can create applications using the TDD rules.

Sample certificate

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